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I am looking into https://github.com/hello-robot/stretch_web_interface , can you please tell me what are the web API used to control robot? Can we navigate the robot using this web base UI? Any document would be great help!

Hi @sitaneja,

If you go through the instructions in README.md, you should be able to use a web browser to command low-level motions of the robot while seeing video from the robot’s camera, and possibly hearing audio depending on the robot’s microphone configuration.

This web-based interface prototype has a number of components. A web browser used by a human operator communicates with a web browser used by the robot via WebRTC. WebRTC provides real-time peer-to-peer audio, video, and data communication between the human operator’s web browser and the robot’s web browser. In essence, the human operator and the robot video conference with one another.

The robot’s browser uses rosbridge to connect with ROS on the robot. Rosbridge translates JSON from the robot’s browser into ROS communications and vice versa. The JavaScript code used by the robot’s browser to connect with ROS can be found in ros_connect.js under the robot directory in the stretch_web_interface repository.

While the robot’s browser has access to most of the robot via ROS, the operator’s browser can only access the robot indirectly through the robot’s browser. The commands available to the operator’s browser can be found in commands.js under the shared directory.

I hope this helps!

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