Robot Reachability Function


I was wondering if there is any native functionality for demonstrating the Stretch’s reachable workspace given a time horizon. This would apply to not only the manipulator, but also including base movements. Please let me know if there are any resources for this. Thank you!

Hi @moore.dr, welcome to the forum! Could you provide a bit more detail about what you’re looking for? For example, with fixed arm robots, the task workspace might be visualized as a semi-sphere, and the reachable portion of the workspace depends on the robot’s initial configuration and dynamics. Am I correct in understanding that you’re looking for something like this for Stretch?

Thank you! Yes I was hoping that given the robot’s current kinematic position, there is a way to obtain the reachable area within a given time horizon. This would include the various positions of the arm, wrist and robot base.

Hi @moore.dr, I recommend taking a look at this thread on Stretch’s dynamics:

Specifically, the section titled “Velocities” would be helpful in determine how far the mobile base can turn or travel in a given time horizon, and how far the manipulator could travel in a given time horizon. Whether the robot could reach a target goal in a time horizon would depend on how the robot moved to achieve the goal.