Alpha testing Stretch_body with Python 3


I was trying to implement OSC parsing capability for Stretch and was using a package that works Python version > 3.

Changing the default python on Stretch would mean that I wont be able to execute all the Stretch_body API calls. And running on Py2.7, I am not able to get the OSC code to work.

I saw that on the Stretch_body repo, there is a branch that has Py3 support - GitHub - hello-robot/stretch_body at feature/towards_python3

what is the best way to update the Stretch I have with this branch and make it Python 3 compatible?

I have tried quite a bit on my own, but not able to get everything to work. Any help on getting this set up would be amazing!

Thank you,

Edited May 26th, 2021: The install steps in this post are out of date, so they’ve been removed. Please see the below post for updated steps.

Hi @rishi, thanks for checking out our development branches. We do have a Python3 Stretch_body package in development, but it is not stable yet and you will likely encounter bugs. Furthermore, note that the Python3 package is actively being developed/tested at Hello Robot, so the API may change without notice. If you are still willing to test it out, I’d love for you to test out the Python3 package and let me know what bugs you run into.

Here are the steps necessary to install the Stretch_body and its tools packages into your Python3 (> 3.6 required) installation:

steps to install alpha removed

The Python3 version of Stretch_body is currently in beta. The updated installation steps are available here:

$ python3 -m pip install git+

Please report any issue to our issue tracker. I will update this thread when a stable version of the Python3 library is released.

@bshah Is there a tentative date yet for when the Python3 library will be available?

Hi @anurag, welcome to the forum! We plan to begin shipping a stable Python3 library at the end of summer. It’s currently on beta. See the post above for install info. We welcome any feedback on the forum here or issues on the Github tracker.